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Andrea Crafton


Welcome and hello! 

I’m Andrea Crafton, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri.  Convenience is something we all yearn and search for, especially today in our ever changing busy schedules, which is why I'm so excited to offer online telehealth as a therapy option.  

I enjoy working with women during pregnancy, loss, postpartum depression and anxiety, and infertility challenges. I meet with no pressure and I give the care and validation you need to emotionally change, cope and feel better. I also educate my clients with evidence based information connected to the perinatal period.

Change can be so difficult and feeling distraught, unsatisfied, frustrated, and even anger can feel like there is no end in sight.  Sometimes you may need that one person to listen to you in a safe place so you can feel like YOU again.   Feeling heard and understood can often be the first step on your healing journey. 

I truly believe in treating my clients from a holistic perspective meaning as a "whole" being interconnected between the physical and the mind.   I like to meet clients where they are emotionally without pressure giving them the time to process, the tools to use, validation, and care they need.

I feel deep in my soul mothers struggle due to the lack of true empathy and evidence based information as it relates to the pregnancy, the birth process, birth trauma, breastfeeding, infertility, loss and struggles postpartum. You do not have to go through these struggles alone.  There is a better way!  When you seek out help that does not mean you are weak or not a good mom, but instead you are taking on the most difficult first step of becoming a better you.  


I am here to travel on this journey with you.  

A little personal information: 
​I live in southeastern Missouri with my two boys, husband, chickens, dogs, gerbils, and cat.  I enjoy gardening, watching my boys play sports, spending our time at the river, enjoying nature, and zinnias are my favorite flowers. 


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